Imago's social, environmental and product safety policies

Deciding where to place your work often rests on more than price and quality.  

You want to be sure that the factory is run ethically and uses materials from a sustainable source and that the final product complies with any safety requirements.    

We understand how important it is to you that we engage with reputable and responsible partners and that we have control of these aspects.  

It's part of our service. 

Socially responsible manufacturing


We are committed to ensuring that the items we produce are manufactured in factories which operate ethically and responsibly.   

In 2003, Imago helped form PRELIMS (Publishers Resolution of Ethical International Manufacturing Standards), a collaboration of publishers who wanted to promote the continuous improvement of conditions within their supply chains. 

 established a common process for the publishing industry - the ICTI Care Process, as used by the international toy industry. 

In 2010, PRELIMS developed their own code of conduct which covered all aspects relating to working conditions and gave suppliers the option to be audited against this code.  Members also agreed they would continue to accept audits against comparable codes including the ICTI Care Process and SMETA. 

We insist that our each of our key suppliers are positively engaged in one of the above processes.

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Ethical paper sourcing

  • FSC Certification

Imago became FSC certified in 2008. Many of our manufacturing partners have also achieved certification, meaning we can offer complete chain of custody to certified businesses or, for those not certified, the ability to have the appropriate FSC logo on their products. 

Link to our certification:  

Imago's FSC certification


We are a member of PREPS (Publishers' database for Responsible Environmental Paper Sourcing), a collaboration of publishers who formed in 2006 to create a framework to enable informed and ethical sourcing of materials. Over the years PREPS have built up a database which holds technical specifications of the pulps and forest sources of the papers used, enabling us to access information about the environmental credentials of the papers we offer.

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Product Safety 

We want to be sure that the products you design and we supply are safe and compliant.

We have our own independent safety consultant, from the safety industry, who works closely with our sales and production teams to help them assess the physical and chemical risks, and identify the legal requirements for your products for the territory and target age you are selling to.

Our process starts at enquiry stage so that we know the right questions to ask prospective suppliers. We let you know the requirements, what certification the supplier is able to provide and recommend the best ways to fill in any gaps.   We will then let you know the cost to test via a certified laboratory and oversee this on your behalf.