iBiblios, iBiblios.jpgan exciting new company from the Imago Group, launched at the London Book Fair 2012.

Building on Imago’s 30 years as a trusted and innovative production partner to publishers throughout the world, iBiblios has been formed to extend that offering to the wider publishing industry with a special emphasis on digital issues and solutions.

Working with the very best experts in their field, iBiblios has the knowledge to offer everything from simple advice to detailed problem solving - to an industry moving at a frenzied pace.

iBiblios has developed close partnerships with carefully selected conversion houses, app developers and cutting edge technologists; enabling us to advise on suitability, cost-effectiveness and commercial viability. We only proceed when we believe that our ideas will translate into tangible sales for our clients, building trust by results.

Examples of these partnerships include:

  • award winning app developers
  • BAFTA winning animators
  • UK's highest grossing mobile developers
  • augmented reality developers from the automobile industry
  • and of course the publishing industry as a whole

Our extensive experience and knowledge of the industry means that we can bring these extraordinary digital talents and ideas to the world of books; promising new ideas, new business models but also keeping the publisher’s content at the core of what we do and seek to promote.

iBiblios will be demonstrating its astonishing and innovative ‘iSee Guides’ at LBF 2013. This remarkable new technology, a first in publishing, brings printed images to life and firmly links the physical book with the multi-faceted world of digital media.

Don’t miss it.