Working with Imago : FAQs

How do I supply artwork?

Print ready PDFs in CMYK for printed products. Full details can be found here.

How long does it take to manufacture in China?

Typically printing in China takes 5-6 weeks and shipping to the UK a further 5-6 weeks. We suggest allowing 3 months from files to delivery.

Of course some products can take longer and project involving multiple components can have longer lead times. If you are interested in taking your project forward we can supply a full schedule.

Things to note: Chinese New Year in January / February can add significant delays to the above timings. Factories can close for 2-3 weeks over this period and there is always a rush up to CNY and a backlog afterwards.  

How long does it take to print in Europe?

Printing in Europe is significantly faster than China. For delivery to the UK as an example, you would be looking at around 1 month from files to product delivery. Please ask for a full schedule as it will vary slightly from project to project and dependant on printing location.

Minimum orders?

There is no such thing a minimum order for us and we try to look at each project on a case by case basis. That said there are some general pointers for some common products:

Hardback or soft cover standard books – to print in China our minimum tends to 1000 copies. Below that Europe is often more sensible. For very low quantities we can look at a print on demand solution dependant on a few criteria please contact us to find out what we can do for you.

Board Books – 1000 copies is usually our minimum on these – we always print in China. That said, we can quote down to 300 copies but the pricing will not be viable for standard retail routes, special projects only.

Soft Toys – 1000 copies minimum

Card games – 1000 sets ideally, we can cost 500 but pricing tends to be an issue

Board games – we can produce from 50 sets upwards, however pricing for these quantities are not viable for standard retail routes and tends to be suitable for special projects / corporate training tools etc, only. Pricing that can work for retail tends to start at 500 – 1000 sets depending on components. Any custom moulded elements or figures can attract much higher minimums of 3-5000 depending on what you need. Please ask for advice as this can be avoided by looking for ‘off-the-shelf’ alternatives

Will I see any proofs?

Before you go ahead we will supply a blank / white ‘dummy’ so you can see and approve the materials we have quoted on. Of course at this stage you are free to change anything you aren’t happy with – just ask! There is usually a small charge for these which is fully refundable when the order goes ahead.

Once the order is confirmed & files are received, you will receive ‘plotter proofs’ to check positionals and fit and are not fully colour correct. These can be supplied by email or as print outs. At this point you are still able to make changes but you will need to supply new files and the schedule may suffer some delay. Plotter proofs are included in the price of the project unless repeated changes are made and proofs have to be output multiple times.

Contract colour proofs

If you need to see colour proofs to see exactly how your product will print on press we can arrange to supply these for you either from the printer or from a repro house. There are 2 options, digital proofs or wet proofs – both are contract proofs and can be used by the printer to match to on press. You are also able to supply your own contract proofs along with your files if you prefer, and we will send these on to the printer to use on press. If you wish us to supply these, there is always an additional charge for these, if you would like to find out more and discuss the different options please just ask. Without contract proofs printers will print to industry standard ink densities.

What is the process of the job?

Books: When you are ready to confirm an order, we send you an order confirmation to sign. This will include a detailed specification and the pricing we have agreed. Pleas check this thoroughly and sign and return it to us. This will be your formal purchase order and is a legal contract so any queries at all please ask!

You will be given a full schedule based on when you can supply your files. Once files are received you will be sent plotter proofs for your checking and approval (see above – ‘Will I see any proofs’). Once these are approved no changes can be made to the files.

We will then start to print and bind your job and once complete, you will be sent 3 advance copies free of charge from the bulk. These are sent for approval before packing and shipping and once approved your final payment will be due before we ship.

Games and packaged product: As above but once the print is complete, we will make up a verification sample and send this physical sample for you to approve before we go ahead and assemble the bulk. Changes to anything that is printed will involve a reprint and changes to materials would involve reorder materials so this should only be done in the case of an error.

Soft toys: Initial prototypes will be made for approval for which there is a small charge which will vary slightly depending on the complexity of the toy – you will be quoted for this initially. You will get a couple or rounds of tweaks / changes before an additional charge is applied. Once you are happy with a final prototype this will become your verification sample and will be the basis that the bulk is manufactured to. We can also use these for safety testing purposes.

What are your payment terms?

We can review each client on a case by case basis if you are happy to fill in a credit application form. However, our standard terms are 50% upfront and 50% balance on approval of advances before shipping.

Our full terms and conditions can be found here.

Shipping and FOB charges

We will always quote including a delivery price unless you specifically ask us not to. All costs – delivered or not – will include 1 FOB charge. If you are shipping to multiple countries, please let us know as there will be additional FOB charges to pay regardless of who is shipping the product.

How can I be sure my product meets the safety requirements?

We will advise on all safety aspects needed for your job based on the intended age range and country of sale. We can offer up front advice when quoting and can carry out a full risk assessment if needed. We will test and certify all materials and product to the appropriate levels - you will be quoted on this up front and we will use any suppliers existing certificates available, to minimise cost. We have in house safety experts and a safety consultant for any complex projects. We will ensure that all due diligence is covered and all certification is supplied. 

How can I be sure that the product will be made in an ethical factory?

All our factories that we use on a regular basis are often visited by our own staff in China and we know and trust them well to work ethically. There are various bodies that check and certify factories - eg: ICTI - please read more on this on our ethics and values page and let us know when asking for pricing if you require a certified factory.