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Imago can help with the product development process

We turn your creative concepts into viable and innovative products

There are so many things to consider in the product development process and we like to get involved right at the outset to help build workable specifications, recommend suitable materials, packaging solutions and iron out any technical challenges. 

Chinese manufacturing remains the most economical option and we have both a product sourcing and development team on hand in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. These teams are your eyes and ears on the ground whilst your local office is your main point of contact and only a phonecall away.

We keep extensive material and product samples in house to fuel the imagination. These can form a great basis for a brain storming session and our doors are always open for you to rummage through our shelves for inspiration any time.

In addition to responding to your creative briefs, we also run our own in-house product development programme which enables us to explore new areas and bring you a stream of fresh and inspiring ideas.

If you can think it, we can make it!

Sometimes all you need is a good idea and we will help bring it to life. Depending on the nature and complexity of your project we can offer:

  • Pre production blank or proofed up dummy making

  • CAD drawings and 3D printed prototypes (see our blog post and video)

  • Help with Risk Assessment and Safety Testing