Quality Inspection Services 

Sometimes, despite everyone's best efforts, quality issues rear their head and you need to take the appropriate action, quickly.  That's where we can help.

We provide independent Quality Control inspections through our dedicated QC team iQC. Part of the Imago Group, iQC is set up as an independent entity in order to deliver a completely impartial and objective inspection service, not only for our own manufacturing activities but also for third party inspections.  We operate throughout China and can perform QC checks on your books and other consumer products, at your supplier's factory. 

With specialist knowledge of printing, book and gift production, our experienced inspectors understand the types of issues that can arise and can suggest the most appropriate criteria and checking protocols for your products. Working from the appropriate sample size, based on international standards ISO 2859-1 and ANSI/ASQCZ1/4, we can help determine whether or not the product meets your specifications and quality expectations.   

The resulting inspection report will show you clearly if your product is within tolerance and itemises any defects grading them as major or minor.    

Link to  View sample report 

The following types of inspection are available: 

  • Pre-shipment inspections 

Once your product is finished we use the widely recognised sampling plan to evaluate the product against your required specifications before it is shipped and paid for.  If the product shows minor or critical fails above the acceptable level, we resample using a larger sample size to determine how widespread the problems are, enabling you to deal with the issue appropriately. 

  • On-line Inspections 

Random sampling or spot checking during the production process can help you identify problems early and allows you to take the necessary corrective actions  

  • Bulk Inspections 

For critical products where there is zero tolerance, we can perform a complete bulk checking service identifying any flaws that might affect the effectiveness of your product. 

Pricing starts from USD250 per man day.  For more information and a detailed quotation please contact us 


 "When we decided to source range of products from a new factory in China, we decided to do the quality control with an external company so we could be completely confident with our finished goods.

We decided to use Imago as we knew we could trust them to provide a non-biased and thorough inspection. 

We were told how the inspection would work and initially had a detailed Skype call discussing exactly what criteria would constitute a minor or major fault based on our specifications which would determine whether the goods would pass or fail the inspections or need reviewing.

We received full detailed reports as well as photos of the factory, the production line and examples of different faults. 

 We were very happy with the inspection - it exceeded our expectations and helped us identify problems which were then able to solve.  We found the inspectors opinions very valuable. They also suggested testing things that we would never have thought about too.

 I would fully recommend Imago’s quality inspection services and would definitely use them again."

Vicky Mullins, Insight Guides